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eIDMW::APL_MemoryCard Class Reference

#include <APLCard.h>

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Detailed Description

Abstract base class for memory card (like sis card)

Definition at line 329 of file APLCard.h.

Public Member Functions

void CalLock ()
void CalUnlock ()
CReader * getCalReader () const
virtual EIDMW_APL_API APL_XMLDocgetDocument (APL_DocumentType type)=0
virtual EIDMW_APL_API const
CByteArray & 
getRawData (APL_RawDataType type)=0
virtual EIDMW_APL_API APL_CardType getType () const
virtual bool initVirtualReader ()=0
virtual EIDMW_APL_API bool isVirtualCard () const
virtual EIDMW_APL_API unsigned long readFile (const char *csPath, CByteArray &oData, unsigned long ulOffset=0, unsigned long ulMaxLength=0)
virtual EIDMW_APL_API CByteArray sendAPDU (const CByteArray &cmd)
virtual EIDMW_APL_API bool writeFile (const char *csPath, const CByteArray &oData, unsigned long ulOffset=0)
virtual EIDMW_APL_API ~APL_MemoryCard ()=0

Protected Member Functions

 APL_MemoryCard (APL_ReaderContext *reader)
virtual bool isCardForbidden ()=0

Protected Attributes

CMutex m_Mutex

Static Protected Attributes

static APL_CryptoFwkm_cryptoFwk = NULL

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