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bool eIDMW::BEID_Card::writeFile ( const char *  fileID,
const BEID_ByteArray oData,
unsigned long  ulOffset = 0 
) [virtual, inherited]

Write a file to the card.

fileID is the path of the file
oData contents the bytes to write
ulOffset is the offset to begins the writing

Definition at line 121 of file eidlibCard.cpp.

References eIDMW::BEID_ByteArray::GetBytes(), eIDMW::BEID_Object::m_impl, and eIDMW::BEID_ByteArray::Size().

      bool out = false;

      APL_Card *pcard=static_cast<APL_Card *>(m_impl);

      CByteArray bytearray(oData.GetBytes(),oData.Size());
      out = pcard->writeFile(fileID,bytearray,ulOffset);
      return out;

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