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eIDMW::BEID_Picture Class Reference

#include <eidlib.h>

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Detailed Description

Class for the picture document on a EID Card. You can get such an object from BEID_EIDCard::getPicture() (or getDocument).

Definition at line 922 of file eidlib.h.

Public Member Functions

virtual BEIDSDK_API BEID_ByteArray getCSV ()
BEIDSDK_API const BEID_ByteArraygetData ()
BEIDSDK_API const BEID_ByteArraygetHash ()
virtual BEIDSDK_API BEID_ByteArray getTLV ()
virtual BEIDSDK_API BEID_ByteArray getXML ()
NOEXPORT_BEIDSDK void Init (const SDK_Context *context, void *impl)
virtual BEIDSDK_API bool isAllowed ()
NOEXPORT_BEIDSDK void Release ()
virtual BEIDSDK_API bool writeCsvToFile (const char *csFilePath)
virtual BEIDSDK_API bool writeTlvToFile (const char *csFilePath)
virtual BEIDSDK_API bool writeXmlToFile (const char *csFilePath)
virtual BEIDSDK_API ~BEID_Picture ()

Protected Member Functions

void addObject (BEID_Object *impl)
void backupObject (unsigned long idx)
void checkContextStillOk () const
void delObject (void *impl)
void delObject (unsigned long idx)
BEID_ObjectgetObject (void *impl)
BEID_ObjectgetObject (unsigned long idx)

Protected Attributes

SDK_Context * m_context
bool m_delimpl
void * m_impl
std::map< unsigned long,
BEID_Object * > 
unsigned long m_ulIndexExtAdd

Private Member Functions

 BEID_Picture (const SDK_Context *context, APL_PictureEid *impl)
 BEID_Picture (const BEID_Picture &doc)
BEID_Pictureoperator= (const BEID_Picture &doc)


BEID_PictureBEID_EIDCard::getPicture ()

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