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BEID_KidsCard & eIDMW::BEID_ReaderContext::getKidsCard (  ) 

Get the KidsCard in the reader.

If no card is present in the reader, exception BEID_ExNoCardPresent is thrown. If the card is not a KidsCard, exception BEID_ExCardBadType is thrown.

Definition at line 763 of file eidlibReader.cpp.

References getCard(), and eIDMW::BEID_Object::m_impl.


      APL_ReaderContext *pimpl=static_cast<APL_ReaderContext *>(m_impl);
            throw BEID_ExCardBadType();


      BEID_Card &card = getCard();
      return *dynamic_cast<BEID_KidsCard *>(&card);

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